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# ---------------------------------------------------------
# Natural string sorting.
# ---------------------------------------------------------
# By Seo Sanghyeon. Some changes by Connelly Barnes.
def try_int(s):
"Convert to integer if possible."
try: return int(s)
except: return s
def natsort_key(s):
"Used internally to get a tuple by which s is sorted."
import re
return map(try_int, re.findall(r'(\d+|\D+)', s))
def natcmp(a, b):
"Natural string comparison, case sensitive."
return cmp(natsort_key(a), natsort_key(b))
def natcasecmp(a, b):
"Natural string comparison, ignores case."
return natcmp(a.lower(), b.lower())
def natsort(seq, cmp=natcmp):
"In-place natural string sort."
def natsorted(seq, cmp=natcmp):
"Returns a copy of seq, sorted by natural string sort."
import copy
temp = copy.copy(seq)
natsort(temp, cmp)
return temp